What Type of Compressor Should I Use When Repairing an Air Conditioning System?

When it comes to repairing an air conditioning system, there are three main types of compressors to choose from: spiral, rotary, and reciprocating. If the unit has a small capacity, up to 10 kW, a rotary compressor is the best option. For medium-sized units, from 10 kW to 50 kW, scroll compressors are more suitable. It's a trade-off between sacrificing a bit of silence for greater reliability and efficiency, or vice versa.

Rotary air conditioning compressors are usually used when noise needs to be taken into account. These units are small, quiet, and produce much less movement than other types of compressors. This mechanism is based on a displaced rotating piston that rotates inside a slightly larger cylindrical housing to create a constantly moving chamber. This mechanism also contains a sliding vane that moves in tandem against the rolling piston to trap the coolant. As the engine rotates, the chamber moves around the inner rolling piston to suck in the coolant.

That coolant will be compressed against a paddle before it is released. The fan motor pushes that cold air into the duct network, and the fan also sucks in warm air to cool it down.

Air conditioning

systems also tend to be more efficient over time, so installing a modern system is likely to lower your energy bill. The other components of the air conditioning system take advantage of this change in temperature to create fresh air, which has greatly improved the life of anyone living in a warm country like Australia. Compressor repair options are often limited, so depending on the type and age of the system, the air conditioning technician may suggest that you replace the entire system as this may be more cost-effective.

But what if your air conditioner is between 10 and 15 years old? This is the average lifespan of an air conditioner, even if it's very well maintained over the years. This type of air conditioning compressor is extremely efficient since it can accommodate several cylinders. Hopefully, this isn't because the compressor is blocked and irreparable since compressors are often the most expensive air conditioning component. AC compressors maintain refrigerant flow through the air conditioning system by compressing it into its gaseous form just before it reaches the condenser. The main problem with constant on and off cycles is that it compromises the air conditioner's ability to maintain comfortable temperatures and remove moisture from the air. If a 16 SEER air conditioning system has dirty coils or filters or other problems that are normally solved with maintenance, efficiency will decrease. When hot air comes out of the grilles (or “room temperature air”), it means that the air does not cool.

There are three common types of air conditioning compressors: reciprocating, rotary, and scroll. Refrigerant is an incredible substance that actually saves lives since air conditioning has saved countless lives over the past century. The air conditioner that worked perfectly when you left home this morning doesn't blow any cold air now. While its efficiency depends on many factors, professionals usually look at its compressor first since they maintain an almost perfect temperature balance by accelerating or reducing speed so that exactly the right amount of refrigerant is circulating to meet demand for air conditioning.

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