How Much Does it Cost to Fix an Air Conditioning System?

When your air conditioning system isn't working properly, it's best to leave the repair to the professionals. The cost of repairing an air conditioner will vary depending on a few factors, such as the type of repair needed, the age and condition of the unit, and the availability of repair companies in your area. Homeowners can also use a home warranty policy from one of the best home warranty companies to help manage repair costs. The kind of repair required will have a major impact on the total cost of the repair.

Common repairs include replacing a clogged air filter, frozen evaporator coils, or leaking or blocked air ducts. If you hear your air conditioner making some noise but it doesn't produce any output, you may need to repair the air conditioning compressor. An air conditioning unit that expels cold air at an increasingly slow rate could also indicate that it needs repair. Older or shabby units will cost more to repair than new units in good condition. This is due to several reasons, such as the condenser unit being the most expensive part of an HVAC unit.

The list of possible causes for an air conditioner unit to blow out hot air is almost endless, but the most common include a low refrigerant level, a faulty thermostat, a dirty air filter, or dirty evaporator coils. The availability of repair companies in your area can also affect the cost of repairs. A city with dozens of repair companies available and that rarely experiences heat waves is likely to have lower average repair costs compared to an area with only a few repair companies and scorching temperatures. Window air conditioning units can often be installed by a homeowner without the help of a professional. However, inexperienced homeowners may choose to have window units installed with a professional for their own peace of mind. A home warranty policy from one of the best home warranty companies (such as American Home Shield or AFC Home Club) can help homeowners manage repair costs if necessary; homeowners will normally only have to pay a service fee and the cost of the repair is likely to be covered by the home warranty, but check if there are any conditions that must be met for the warranty to apply, such as annual maintenance.

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