How Long Does It Take to Repair an Air Conditioning System?

Air conditioner repair times can vary greatly depending on the type of system, the severity of the problem, and the availability of parts and materials. The low refrigerant level in the unit can be completed in just a couple of hours. However, other issues can take much longer. For instance, it may take most of the day for a technician to fix a broken compressor.

If there are damaged ducts, the project may take a few days to resolve. Installing an air conditioner unit for the first time can take up to eight hours, on average. During the replacement, you will have to disassemble the old unit and recheck the entire system for any faults. Only when all components are in perfect working condition can the new unit be installed.

Split-type air conditioners, which have two units (an outdoor unit and an indoor unit), can also be more complex and take longer to repair. Central air conditioners are often more intricate than window units, so they tend to take longer to repair. Packaged air conditioning systems, often found in hotels and office buildings, can also be complicated and take longer to repair. In addition, many parts and materials needed to repair the air conditioner can be in high demand, which can delay the repair process.

If your air conditioning system isn't functioning as it should, you're probably wondering how long it will take to repair it. If it's a straightforward, trouble-free air conditioner replacement, expect the job to be done within 2 to 6 hours, depending on the size of your home. If an air conditioning unit needs to be installed in a basement or on a mezzanine, it will take longer than installing it in a basement that is easy to work in. When replacing an entire system, your HVAC technician will replace or install the ducts and rewire the thermostat.

This process can take much longer than a simple change and can take between three and five days. While the unit itself will be replaced in one day, replacing the ducts can take four days, depending on the extent of the project. One of the most important factors affecting how long it takes to repair an air conditioner is the seriousness of the problem. Therefore, it is essential to consult a qualified technician to obtain an accurate estimate of how long it will take.

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