Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioner: How to Tell if It's Not Working Right

If your air conditioner isn't functioning as it should, there could be a few explanations. The most straightforward one is a problem with the thermostat. Make sure that the thermostat is on, set to a cool temperature, and that it's a few degrees lower than the normal room temperature in your home. If the AC power isn't on, check the circuit breaker.

If it has been tripped, you'll need to reset it for the air conditioner to work again. You may also need to replace the batteries. If that doesn't do the trick, the thermostat's temperature sensor may not be accurate. A thermostat that can't read the set temperature could prevent the air conditioner from turning on.

Once you've determined that the thermostat is faulty, it's time to change it. If you're not sure which thermostat is best for your home, consult an expert for advice. A clogged filter can cause the air conditioner coils to freeze, which affects the compressor and restricts air flow to the unit. If you have a traditional air conditioning system, professionals at Morris Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can tell you what size air filter is suitable for your system. So what should you do when the central air unit freezes? The tempting but risky approach would be to simply replace the air filter and see if the ice melts off the coils naturally.

In other cases, there may be issues with the compressor or refrigerant. This can result in no air coming out of the unit, it not turning on, or simply not working properly. If your home's refrigeration unit is running but no cold air is coming out (or if it takes longer than usual to cool down), you may need to recharge the refrigerant in the air conditioner. It's important to regularly clean or replace the air filters in your AC unit, as a dirty or clogged filter blocks cold air from entering your house.

The most likely reason for your central air unit freezing is a clogged or dirty filter. Your air conditioning system blows hot air or shuts off completely. If you notice warm air instead of cold coming out of the vents, this could be an indication that either the filter is clogged or that there is dirt or ice around the coils. An air conditioner fan motor is a relatively simple part, but if it doesn't work correctly, your house won't be cool.

Many AC units have a float switch or wet switch that prevents them from working when the drain pan is full. Start and run capacitors are devices that send power to the fan motor and power up your AC when needed. For more information on how to troubleshoot your air conditioner, don't hesitate to contact Morris Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning at (97) 961-0338.

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